Rules for bringing your pets

We genuinely do welcome pets and don't wish to impose any silly rules or restrictions but do ask that you apply some simple respect, consideration and common sense during your stay with your pet.

We do expect all cats and dogs to be covered by a recent flea treatment and worming routine - they should ideally be up to date with vaccinations and kennel cough too.

Be aware of your new surroundings and keep your pet under your close supervision at all times. They may not behave 100% as you'd expect whilst away from home.

We have dogs of our own and farm stock - they may not welcome a meeting with your pet. Cattle will be secured within our fields and our own dogs are not supposed to come near the cottages but may well be out in our own garden or with us around the site, so simply ensuring your pet does not wander is all we ask. If you plan to leave Trenarlett on foot, please have your dog on a lead to walk past the house and up drive etc. We in turn endeavour to keep our dogs from causing you any problems - they both love people and children and do not have issues with other dogs, but Stanley is very large and therefore care must be taken and we would never recommend unsupervised meetings with your pets.

Bear in mind that your holidaying neighbours may not share your love for your pet, or they may have a pet less sociable than yours, so please be sure not to let them disturb the other cottage guests with wandering or noise.

No doubt your dog will enjoy some great wet and muddy walks and of course beaches whilst on his/her holiday, but please use a little common sennse and restrict their access to the cottage when particularly wet and/or mucky!

Please do not allow your dogs in bedrooms or onto beds or furniture at all as they can cause damage, considerable extra cleaning, odours and potentially problems to other guests who may have allergies.

Due to bad experience we have had to revise our policy in one respect and ask that you DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG UNATTENDED IN THE COTTAGE. They may be fine when left at home but are often distressed or unhappy in a strange place and may cause damage, have accidents and/or make a lot of noise. They may be fearful and sistressed too, which we don't want to have. Nearby Wetherham Kennels in St Tudy are very good (we use them ourselves) and offer doggy day care as well as overnight stays so if you are planning a less dog friendly day, why not give them a call and book them in? (space subject to booking and availability of course!)

If there is any damage or significant extra cleaning required in the accommodation on your departure, we do reserve the right to make a fair charge to cover this.

Please DO NOT wash your pet bedding in our machines.

Likewise, please DO NOT wash your pet in our bathrooms. Their claws scratch the baths and flooring and the hair is not good for our drainage - it also causes excess cleaning.

Please ensure that you pick up after your pet at all times and in all locations, both here on the farm and when out and about.

Finally, do remember to think of your pet when going out for the day - in hot weather they can die in as little as 10 minutes in the car, even with the windows open, and whilst they may love the beach they won't want to lay in the sun for hours working on their tan. Take great care near cliffs, think ahead, plan and always have water and a receptacle on board - don't let a tragedy spoil your holiday!!

That's really it, so please just

look after your accommodation

look out for your neighbours

look after the environment

look after your pet

We certainly love dogs here at Trenarlett and Cornwall is generally a really dog friendly county with many attractions, beaches, pubs and eateries welcoming our furry friends, with provision of water bowls outside shops etc so you and your dog are sure to have a great time - enjoy!