New arrival!

Post date: Dec 17, 2014 10:46:32 PM

Delayed news of our new arrival - July saw us filling the huge hole left by poor old Dickins with a new friend, some of you will already have met of course, Barney!

Beast of Bodmin has nothing on our Barnes - weighing in at 54 kilos he is no lap dog, but would love to be one given half the chance! He is rather large but is a sweet boy and is definitely a big softy, just have to watch out when he has one of his mad minutes of tearing around so we don't get wiped out in his path!

We travelled about 750 miles round trip to get 4 year old gentle giant Barney from rescue kennels but his new Cornish farm life is not bad we think - after a hard day playing in the fields, messing about with his new best buddy Ben, maybe a quick pint in the local pub, he has his own 2 seater sofa to relax. He certainly has his new Mummy and Daddy already well wrapped round his rather large toes and he just adores all our lovely visitors who tend to make a fuss of him - it's definitely a dog's life!!

By the way, the beach photo was only just taken on 29th November would you believe, temperature about 16 degrees or so, absolutely stunning day we just had to have a skive !!