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Post date: May 04, 2016 12:52:5 PM

Well, where does the time go? Another overdue post!

We have already welcomed many guests this year with a very busy Spring - the weather has been mixed and not as warm as it could have been, but everybody seemed to get at least some nice days and were out and about having a good time. This week brings us some gorgeous sunshine and much warmer temperatures so let's hope for lots more of that as the year goes on! We have been watching the deer grazing in the lower field from our bedroom window, the swallows have all been back a few weeks and are really busy now nesting in all our barns. Tawny owls have been spotted and as well as all the primroses and bluebells now taking over from the amazing year of daffoldils we've had, the first of the meadow flowers are coming out in the fields, so all is definitely moving on.

Lots has been going on generally this last few months with all the various maintenance jobs and preparations to the cottages, finally doing up our own space in the house and many jobs around the farm. Not least taking delivery of our new resident tame lambs - they seem to be Barney's new mates, though think best kept with a gate between them!!

Mike knocked up a new little shelter for them which they took to straight away - all mod cons look - even guttering to feed their water trough! They are getting huge already but still very cute!

Everything is starting to grow and the cattle are due in so Mike has been busy with fencing repairs and general clearance of winter storm casualties - sadly another apple tree and a long dead oak has finally fallen over, but it's great to see all the trees starting to green up again and the horse chestnut is already budding up to flower. Lovely bit of sunshine to get the solar panels going strong now too!!

Will try to get some pics of the new cows this week and fill in on any other news but meanwhile hope everyone is well and we look forward to seeing all our guests over the rest of the year.

Please do send me any of your favourite holiday snaps by the way - we'd love to share your highlights. silly or scenic, doggies enjoying themselves etc etc - email sophy@trenarlett.com :)