Post date: Apr 26, 2014 7:56:32 PM

Well, one more update for April - the Pergola! Our horseshoe pergola, enclosing the sunny green courtyard between Barney's and Dickins' cottages, is really coming along. We still have one side to plant up, hopefully with some vines (maybe we'll give Camel Valley Vineyard a run for their money in the future!) but nothing planted so far has died (yet!) and all in fact seem to be doing rather well. The Clematis are just springing into action and I couldn't resist a couple of photos of the first pair to really come into bloom as they look stunning. Thanks go to Mr and Mrs Giddens and the Grassick family who kindly presented us with a Clematis and a Jasmine during their stays last year - we've not killed them yet, phew, and we look forward to seeing you all when you come for inspections later this year! :)