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posted 4 May 2016, 05:52 by S Haynes

Well, where does the time go? Another overdue post!

We have already welcomed many guests this year with a very busy Spring - the weather has been mixed and not as warm as it could have been, but everybody seemed to get at least some nice days and were out and about having a good time. This week brings us some gorgeous sunshine and much warmer temperatures so let's hope for lots more of that as the year goes on! We have been watching the deer grazing in the lower field from our bedroom window, the swallows have all been back a few weeks and are really busy now nesting in all our barns. Tawny owls have been spotted and as well as all the primroses and bluebells now taking over from the amazing year of daffoldils we've had, the first of the meadow flowers are coming out in the fields, so all is definitely moving on.

Lots has been going on generally this last few months with all the various maintenance jobs and preparations to the cottages, finally doing up our own space in the house and many jobs around the farm. Not least taking delivery of our new resident tame lambs - they seem to be Barney's new mates, though think best kept with a gate between them!!
Mike knocked up a new little shelter for them which they took to straight away - all mod cons look - even guttering to feed their water trough! They are getting huge already but still very cute!

Everything is starting to grow and the cattle are due in so Mike has been busy with fencing repairs and general clearance of winter storm casualties - sadly another apple tree and a long dead oak has finally fallen over, but it's great to see all the trees starting to green up again and the horse chestnut is already budding up to flower. Lovely bit of sunshine to get the solar panels going strong now too!!

Will try to get some pics of the new cows this week and fill in on any other news but meanwhile hope everyone is well and we look forward to seeing all our guests over the rest of the year.

Please do send me any of your favourite holiday snaps by the way - we'd love to share your highlights. silly or scenic, doggies enjoying themselves etc etc - email :)


posted 22 Jan 2016, 02:28 by S Haynes

Well, as has been pointed out to me by several individuals over the last few months, I have been shockingly bad and in fact it is nigh on a year since I posted anything here on our blog page, for which I am truly ashamed and apologise! Not so much as a Merry Christmas even, so herewith at least a Happy New Year greeting, just about in time, and a hope that everyone did indeed have a good Christmas and a great 2015!

Rounding off a very busy year for us, with all the cottages now up and running, the festive season went well here at Trenarlett, with lovely 7 foot real trees in each cottage ready for all our guests' arrivals and we even managed lights all round the buildings and pergolas so all was looking really nice and Christmassy, which we hope helped everyone to feel welcome and get in the spirit! Thanks to everyone who joined us to see in the New Year - a good night was had by all, but maybe the 4am finish and the embarrassing amount of recycling had someting to do with the not so productive New Year's Day!

4th January and all guests were gone or safely on their way so time to un-decorate all those trees and heave them out again - am sure we'll be finding pine needles for months as they seem to reappear no matter how much we clean!

Last week I did notice one of the Camelias at Ben's Barn had burst out into flower some time earlier without me even realising and it was a beautiful sunny day so a photo had to be taken! As ever, the infamous St Tudy daffodils were out well before Christmas (meant to take a photo of them under the village Christmas tree all decorated as it looked a bit bizarre really, but never quite made it - maybe next year!) They continue to appear increasingly around the area, including in fact our first openers here on the farm, again last week. Snowdrops all out, though seemingly less of them this year compared to last, but looking like the primroses should be good again as they are already springing up in leaf everywhere. Hopefully we'll get lots of bluebells in the woods too and see our orchids again.

We've been wondering down to check the woods and river whilst walking the dogs a lot lately as it was reliably reported on 3rd January by a certain witch that our little field down by the bridge was at one with the river when she, hubby and the mini-witches passed! Not a problem as it's all designed to do this being a water meadow, but it's always good to see it when it happens - photo below!

Many jobs to be done before the new season really kicks off so we are trying to crack on with those now, though there never seems to be a completely quiet time - not that we are complaining, and indeed we send our thanks to all of our guests for choosing Trenarlett this last year and we hope to see many of you again in 2016 - I can spot lots of already familiar names appearing in my bookings list, which is wonderful to see. We hope we are still doing things right and keeping our eye on the ball to maintain standards and service along with the wonderful locaton we are so lucky to have.

We have in fact had our annual inspection just today and are very pleased to say we have comfortably retained our 4 star Gold rating for 2016 so that was all good and hopefully reassuring to everyone.

We look forward to seeing all our guests, either returning or arriving for the first time and will keep everything crossed for a great year for all - oh and some sunshine of course! :)


posted 3 Feb 2015, 02:55 by S Haynes

Well ok, a little reminder came yesterday to tell us it was only 2 February after all, and it is in fact Winter not Spring - yes even in Cornwall it happens occasionally! Not an impressive fall, and I don't think we'll be rushing out to buy skis and sledges or make major investments in snow clearing equipment, but it was quite nice to have a bit of the white stuff for a change and it does look very pretty. The boys enjoyed checking it out in the garden this morning and the valley looks really beautiful and peaceful, but  I don't suppose it will last long in the lovely sunshine today!

Lucky us!

posted 3 Feb 2015, 02:34 by S Haynes   [ updated 3 Feb 2015, 12:58 ]

Well, the joys of Spring have been with us here in Cornwall for some time as usual - Daffodils and Camelias out around St Tudy since before Christmas (some photos below from a couple of weeks ago) and all our snowdrops cheering the place up during the last month, some gorgeous sunny days and walks on the beaches, ok wrapped up a bit as its quite chilly, but beautiful.  The boys really love having the huge sands to themselves at this time of year - we are so lucky to have this mild climate and all the different places to enjoy it right on our doorstep. :)

Happy New Year!

posted 17 Jan 2015, 09:31 by S Haynes

Just a quick shout to say Happy New Year to all and we hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Trenarlett was a hub of activity, with all the cottages booked for both Christmas and New Year weeks (and a few bits either side!) and also a house full of our personal friends and family in various 'waves'. Thank you all for coming and we hope you had a good time - sorry we don't tend to do white Christmases here in Cornwall but we hope the large real trees decorated in the cottages were a nice addition.

Back to reality after the holidays now, it's clear that the year is already moving on, with snowdrops in full swing and the legendary St Tudy daffodils, that always somehow appear even before Chrismas, giving a cheery display. (will try to get some good pics in the next few days!) We are now putting the finishing touches to 'Hetty's' and 'The Snug' which will be our new and final additions to Trenarlett, each designed for 2 people and available for your holidays from just befor Easter, all being well. I will post some pictures and more details of these soon to give you an idea of what is available but feel free to contact us if you've any queries in the meanwhile.

All for now.

Christmas Wishes

posted 17 Dec 2014, 14:48 by S Haynes

Apologies for poor blogging record of late, I will try to do better - it has been a very busy time here at Trenarlett, what with all the cottages full basically from end of March until well in to November, plus building work for the last 2 cottages and all the usual jobs around the farm. Not that we are complaining of course - it has been wonderful to see so many happy guests, both first time visitors and those of you who had been to us before. We should like to thank you all for choosing Trenarlett Farm for your all important holidays.
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope to see many of you again in 2015. Ben and Barney are getting into the festive spirit and send their best wishes too!!


New arrival!

posted 17 Dec 2014, 14:46 by S Haynes   [ updated 17 Jan 2015, 08:56 ]

Delayed news of our new arrival - July saw us filling the huge hole left by poor old Dickins with a new friend, some of you will already have met of course, Barney!

Beast of Bodmin has nothing on our Barnes - weighing in at 54 kilos he is no lap dog, but would love to be one given half the chance! He is rather large but is a sweet boy and is definitely a big softy, just have to watch out when he has one of his mad minutes of tearing around so we don't get wiped out in his path!

We travelled about 750 miles round trip to get 4 year old gentle giant Barney from rescue kennels but his new Cornish farm life is not bad we think - after a hard day playing in the fields, messing about with his new best buddy Ben, maybe a quick pint in the local pub, he has his own 2 seater sofa to relax. He certainly has his new Mummy and Daddy already well wrapped round his rather large toes and he just adores all our lovely visitors who tend to make a fuss of him - it's definitely a dog's life!!

By the way, the beach photo was only just taken on 29th November would you believe, temperature about 16 degrees or so, absolutely stunning day we just had to have a skive !!

Sad news!

posted 12 Jun 2014, 01:46 by S Haynes   [ updated 12 Jun 2014, 01:51 ]

I'm afraid the absence of posts to our blog for May has been partly due to being really busy generally but also to the sad news that our beloved Dickins passed away. He had been diagnosed with an aggresive cancer just a couple of months prior, after we noticed he was struggling a bit with some of his chews and treats. Sadly the answer was a tumor at the back of his mouth which was inoperable and over the following weeks spread to his insides. We had thought the original tumor would end up so large he could not either eat, drink or breath properly and that would cause the end, but in fact it was the spread and resulting build up of fluid in his abdomen that became too much.

He was still generally living life to the full and was still able to eat really well with a few changes to his food, which he was still certainly enjoying. We don't think he was in  pain, more uncomfortable and a bit fed up at times, but he was a little trouper and after enjoying a good long walk around the whole of our land and river on the Tuesday, he decided that Wednesday was going to be his last day and told us the time had come - his timing could have been better than 11pm when the vets were closed, but none the less we called them and off we went at 11.30! Ben attended too so he would understand what had happened and where Dickins had gone. Due to complications with an apparently long-previously buried horse (long story!) we decided to leave Dickins with the vet for individual cremation so now have him back with us in a casket - sitting on the shelf with his original mate Daisy in fact!!

So he lived to the full right up to the last 24 hours really and we know for sure the time was right for him, having been jolly stoic about the whole thing until then. Many tears later we were ready to make this post and are starting to think about another dog to fill the hole left behind in our home and give Ben a new friend as he misses his buddy Dickins as much as we do.

Spoilt in his final days and allowed on the sofa, see picture, now he rests in peace - the words that came with the casket set us both off on the tears again, as has writing this, but I thought I'd share here as they were very moving.  Loved forever darling Dickins, a very special boy.

                                             If it should be....
If  it should be I grow frail and weak, and pain should wake me from my sleep
Then you must do what must be done, for this last battle can't be won.

You will be sad, I understand, don't let your grief then stay your hand,
for this day more than all the rest, your love and friendship stand the test.

We've had so many happy years, what is to come will hold no fears,
you'll not want me to suffer, so, when the time comes please let me go.

I know in time you too will see, it is kindness you do to me,
although my tail its last has waved, from pain and suffering I've been saved.

Do not grieve that it should be you, who has to decide this thing to do,
                                                                                                                                              We've bee so close, we two, these years, don't let your heart hold any tears.


posted 26 Apr 2014, 12:56 by S Haynes

Well, one more update for April - the Pergola! Our horseshoe pergola, enclosing the sunny green courtyard between Barney's and Dickins' cottages, is really coming along. We still have one side to plant up, hopefully with some vines (maybe we'll give Camel Valley Vineyard a run for their money in the future!)  but nothing planted so far has died (yet!) and all in fact seem to be doing rather well. The Clematis are just springing into action and I couldn't resist a couple of photos of the first pair to really come into bloom as they look stunning. Thanks go to Mr and Mrs Giddens and the Grassick family who kindly presented us with a Clematis and a Jasmine during their stays last year - we've not killed them yet, phew, and we look forward to seeing you all when you come for inspections later this year! :)

Bertie Buzzard!

posted 26 Apr 2014, 12:32 by S Haynes

We are privileged to have a wide variety of wildlife around the farm, including Roe deer, foxes, badgers and a huge range of birds. The first swallows arrived about 2 or 3 weeks ago, quite early this year, and along with stronghold of sparrows, wagtails, tits and robins around the buildings (and no doubt various other things I am not knowledgeable enough to identify) we've also had a Bittern, Kingfisher and Dipper all spotted down on our watermeadow, and have heard the distinctive call of the Willow Warbler. Buzzards are always around - last week we saw 7 all at once but here is one enjoying himself riding the thermals over the farm in the sunshine yesterday evening......

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